Here are some links to websites that offer help and advice on the different areas of parenting and help with the challenges we face especially coping with more that one at a time....

Support - is a nationwide UK charity providing informaion and mutal support for families of twins, triplets and more - a UK based website for parents and parents to be of twins offering great advice on things to buy as well as an online chat room - a great website to find local clubs and places of interest to go - has a resource centre available for advice


Support and advice from TAMBA

Postnatal depression

New parent advice

Potty training

Managing behaviour

Healthy pregnancy guide

Practical preparing for parenthood

TAMBA courses

Feeding Advice -  a nutrition support network, with a number of experts who can help in all areas. This is a free, confidential service

Breastfeeding support groups in the Ashford area

Finding and Buying Essentials - this website has all the essentials needed for life with young children. - great maternity clothes that are not too expensive but still look good - great shopping for clothes and gifts for twins as well as relatives of multiples